Strategic support

Strategic support

What is your dream practice? EMU assists practitioners in assessing, developing, and executing on your dream. We support doctors who want to remain independent, in the vision that they create.

  • Business Development

    Whether its adding a practitioner, accessing more or different patients, or running a different kind of practice, EMU understands the link between improvements in the office, and making the world aware of who you are, what you do, and why you are different.   By coordinating internal management with external reach, EMU helps doctors achieve their personal dreams.

  • Market Anticipation

    EMU’s broader team give practices insight to what is happening in the broad and local health care environment, and, importantly, how it will impact your practice.   EMU’s knowledge team provides feedback to doctors so they may anticipate, plan for, and benefit from changes- whatever they may be.   We see great opportunities for practices that are well managed, and positioned for changes in healthcare.

  • Practice Transition Planning

    Every practice has a life cycle, and where each practitioner is in their life cycle must be considered when making strategic decisions.   EMU helps guide practices from growth, through maturity, and into exit strategy.   EMU’s knowledge of your practice goals, with an understudying of how to navigate the life cycle of a practice, can assist doctors in passing from one time to another, without missing a beat, and not sacrificing the endgame.