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We are proud to provide you with a full list of parks in Queens NY, so you can get outside, enjoy the air and work out, keeping both you and your family healthy & well.

Our mission was to provide you with one place to get all the important information, without needing to do extra searching on your own.

The list is based on open information from the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

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Neighborhood of park is based on Google maps.

Map of park location is to Google Maps. If you open up the link to Google maps you will get an exact location in satellite mode. Park locations are already set to the destination, so all you need to do is put in your location and you will receive complete directions.


Each park has been assigned a category based on size and possible activities, ranging from ‘Flagship Park’ (hundreds of acres) to ‘Triangle/Plaza’, which are small enough to be on a street corner.

To help you find what interests you in this list of different parks, you can filter your search results by park facilities. There are 41 different facility options in the list to choose from. (Baseball Fields, Basketball Courts, Bathrooms, Beaches, Bicycling and Greenways, Bocce Courts, Cricket Fields, Cycling Tracks, Dog-friendly Areas, Eateries, Fishing, Fitness Equipment, Football Fields, Golf Courses, Great Trees, Handball Courts, Hiking Trails, Historic Houses, Horseback Riding Trails, Ice Skating Rinks, Indoor Pools, Kayak/Canoe, Marinas, Media Labs, Model Aircraft Fields, Nature Centers, Outdoor Pools, Paddle boat Rentals, Playgrounds, Recreation Centers, Roller Hockey, Running Tracks, Skate Parks, Soccer Fields, Spray Showers, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts, Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Zoos and Aquariums, Barbecuing Areas and Launch Sites)


If you’re unfamiliar with the Queens area, we added the rating from Yelp, Foursquare, and Trip Advisor so you can get a better idea of the location.  Rating appears next to site logo and is accurate as of publishing data. Remember Yelp and Trip Adviser scale is 1 to 5 and Foursquare is 1 to 10.

For a more holistic view of the parks, you have the option to see them as they are seen by the public on Instagram. (All links are to location pages). Keep in mind, because they are location pages not all of them have images presently.

We worked very hard on matching locations from the different platforms; in many cases, each platform lists the names with slight variations (park, playground, plaza, triangle, etc.)

If you find an error in the listings please update us.


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