Financial Management

Financial Management

Understanding revenue cycle, cash flow, financing, and financial analysis is important to the health of a practice. EMU provides this with greater insight. EMU works with practitioners to understand, manage, and influence their fiscal health to give disproportionate options to the modern doctor.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

    EMU’s core competency is completely understanding the revenue cycle, with decades of experience doing so in the metro New York City market.  Revenue cycle touches every employee in a practice, and  EMU assists practitioners in understanding and controlling their days in accounts receivable (Days in AR), thereby improving cash flow.

  • Cost Management

    Spending is investment, and EMU supports practices in making wise decisions with each cost in a practice, to assure that the practice gets the best possible return on each dollar spent.   Beyond decision support in cost management, EMU’s own scale affords physician-owners the ability to benefit from group discounting within our MSO, adding further benefit to a doctor’s bottom line.

  • Access to capital/Capital Management

    At different points in a practice’s life, access to capital is vital for the practice to grow and improve.   EMU supports doctors by providing access to lenders with a banker in their corner, to assure doctor’s get the very best opportunities available.