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We take a highly-customized approach to problem solving in the practice, one that respects the doctor’s personal philosophy of care and meets the specific business needs of the practice.  This customized approach is backed up with sophisticated analytics and our depth of combined business experience.  EMU Health’s management team has the ability to drill down into specific areas of a practice, depending on the needs of that practice and co-designs solutions with our physician and surgeon partners.


EMU Health has assembled a management team with over one hundred years of healthcare management experience in New York City. Our combined experience gives us great insight on the history and future direction of health care in Queens. Our diverse team brings the best of management, marketing, nursing, finance, analytical and strategic support to the physician’s & surgeon’s fingertips.

EMU Health has a profound respect for the relationship between doctor and patient – it is the source of currency in healthcare, and it’s the basis from which we have built our organization. Without sacrificing integrity EMU Health seeks to maximize the exchange between doctor and patient.

An amazing Collaboration

Practice Management
Financial Management
Strategic support

EMU Management Services

EMU’s management services are a comprehensive portfolio of services that is customized to meet your goals and objectives.

Revenue Cycle Management

Services include: billing, collections, coding, dictation, and auditing.

Practice Management

Services include: administration and management support, training, strategic planning, practice analysis, policy and procedure, office build-out, architectural design, and project supervision.


Services Include: Recruitment, hiring, training, and coaching, incentive based retention, human resource management, and benefits management.


Servicing Include: Selection of IT and software solutions, seamless integration and implementation of practice management. EMR software and ongoing IT support.

Internal Marketing

Services include: Customer service training, creation of marketing and promotional materials, creation of patient education materials, newsletters, website development, and email marketing.

Practice Development

EMU’s highly experienced direct marketing team, with over 50 years of experience in the New York market, will promote a robust peer to peer networking opportunity for referrals.

Financial Services

  • Investment in the form of low cost access to capital to finance practice needs
  • Access to cost containment through purchasing group
  • Access to modern, diversified pension planning for MD owners

Administrative Support

  • Practice operations re-design to maximize daily practice productivity for doctors, mid-levels and support staff.
  • Calendar re-organization to allow for optimal use of MD time
  • Staffing evaluation and review; support services for job descriptions, filling vacancies
  • Creation of employee retention strategies for key personnel.


Strategic Support

  • Development and Execution of practice growth and sustainability plans
  • Access to practice marketing support including MD-to-MD relationship building inside the EMU MSO.
  • Development of website, social media strategy

Our Newly Renovated Operating Room

Our Newly Renovated Operating Room 2

Berchtold LED F Generation Chromophare

Berchtold LED F Generation Chromophare


I founded EMU Health with a specific goal-to make a difference in the lives of our Queens neighbors by providing high-quality health care in the communities where they live. Queens is a wonderful place – home to over 2.5 million people, it is the epi-center of the melting pot where health care providers are struggling to keep up with demand. The transition of national health care has made the situation worse in Queens. There are too few providers, while declining reimbursement and increasing costs all contribute to a bad recipe for the future of health care for our melting pot. EMU Health provides a dynamic opportunity for doctors to improve health care delivery. EMU Health is uniquely positioned to improve the day-to-day operations, financial management, and strategic planning for physicians, which allows providers the freedom to focus on what they do best – deliver great patient care. EMU Health seeks to partner with doctors to provide them with the management support they need in today’s world without sacrificing the ownership of their practices and the decision-making that is critical to helping people. I believe in helping people by making a difference in the quality of their lives. Our Ambulatory Surgical Center, Diagnostic Treatment Center, and Management Services Organization are the tools through which together, we can begin this worthy journey. I hope you will join EMU Health and become part of the solution.

Daniel Lowy
Chief Executive Officer

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