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Read what the Ridgewood Times Wrote about EMU Health and the future of health care in Queens..


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Download The .PDF Format



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Get quality healthcare at a reasonable price with EMU Health

It seems that in this current landscape, navigating the healthcare system can be frustrating and confusing. Fortunately for Queens residents, EMU Health in Glendale is here to take the stress of healthcare awayby offering easier access to high-quality and cost-effective healthcare.

Daniel Lowy, principal, founder and CEO of EMU Health, became interested in the healthcare field while studying at The Wharton School. Lowy’s goal became to make the lives of Queens residents easier by giving them easy access to high quality and cost-effective healthcare.

“Queens is the ideal market for EMU Health,” said Anthony Belli, chief commercial officer for EMU Health. “With 2.5 million people and its diversity, Queens lends itself to be an ideal model for creating a place for easily accessible, high-quality healthcare.”

In January, EMU Health officially acquired the Queens Surgical Center, a five-room Ambulatory Surgical Center located at 83-40 Woodhaven Blvd. in Glendale that offered outpatient surgical procedures. Since its acquisition, EMU Health has had the unique capability to provide ongoing ambulatory care as a multi-specialty center while cultivating a greater outpatient surgical experience for their patients.

With access to primary care, specialties such as cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology and more, patients can get most of their care in one convenient location.

“EMU’s goal is to provide high-quality, accessible healthcare to people in Queens that is near them,” said Carl Friedrich, chief operating officer of EMU Health. “Before EMU acquired it, the surgical center never developed the outpatient side of it. We saw the continuity between outpatient care and surgery and now patients aren’t forced to go to multiple locations for different kinds of care.

Roughly half of the 22,000-square-foot building is being used by the surgery center. One project that is in motion for the space is to build a Women’s Health Center at the site. The Women’s Health Center will offer several services, including gynecology and well-woman visits, outpatient surgical services and Belli noted that the Women’s Health Center will be the second facility in Queens to offer a 3-D mammography.

“Women’s health can be so compartmentalized. We want to make it more comprehensive for women in Queens,” Friedrich said. “We want to make it easier for them to get complete care in one location.”

“It’s an important topic,” Belli said. “It fits into what we are trying to do here. In many aspects, women drive the healthcare decision making processes, so we see the importance of women’s health.”

In addition to the Women’s Health Center, EMU Health is in the process of building an Urgent Care Center to help those patients needing care after hours. EMU Health also has plans to offer dentistry at the center so patients can have easier access to more kinds of medical care.

The Women’s Health Center and the Outpatient Care center are expected to start taking patients on Sept. 1.