Practice Management

Practice Management

EMU partners with physicians to create stronger, sustainable practice management models that meet the individual needs of the practice.

  • Operations Management

    Practice workflow exists and touches every aspect of the practice, and EMU’s team understands the nuance of individual workflow and its contribution to the whole.  By carefully examining every transaction in a practice’s daily, weekly, and monthly routine, EMU can identify opportunities to bring greater efficiency to the process of acquiring and treating patients, and does so in a way that raises customer satisfaction.

  • Staffing

    While it is well understood that good staffing is the backbone of a successful business, EMU also understands that identifying, training, inspiring, and retaining staff is a difficult challenge.   By working with practices closely, EMU is able to harness the greatness within the existing staff, and identify and hire missing elements that will allow the practice to thrive.  EMU also provides human resources support, regardless of the size of your staff, to ensure the practice is protected.

  • Patient Engagement

    Customer satisfaction is a bellwether of the future of healthcare, as patients will more and more demand exceptional service, and vote with their feet.   EMU works with practitioners to exceed expectations of patients, and convert patients into evangelists for the practice.

  • Infrastructure Support

    EMU’s broad experience supports physicians in decision making regarding physical space, IT re-design, and capital expenditure.   Leveraging EMU’s abilities in these areas assists physicians in making sound long term decisions for their practices.