Oy there, mate. Today, we’re going to talk about what EMU is. No, not the blooming bird. EMU Health. You know, the big health company that’s going to revolutionize healthcare in Queens? That’s right. We begin our journey in Australia. With the main mate, Daniel Lowy. He had his breakthrough idea somewhere in the outback sometime ago. He knew the idea was way too big for him to handle alone, so he took this idea to one of the biggest cities in the world, Queens.

No, not Queensland, Queens, New York City. Once he got to the big city, he had to recruit some mates. He stumbled upon mate number one, mate number two and mate number three. That’s when the idea of EMU Health came to life. The rest is history. Here’s the team.

Please welcome Anthony Belli, Carl Friedrich, Daniel Lowy, Efrat Yaish.